Draft Combines

The Draft combines are a very important part of
this league, as they give our GM’s (General
Managers) a good indication of strengths
and weaknesses, so they can work out how they try
and build the team. It is crucial that you make it to
at least one of these Combines. They are fairly free
and easy to play in and a bit of fun.

Combine Dates

Domestic South East – Sunday 25th & Monday 26th April
Domestic Peninsula – Sunday 25thApril & Sunday 2ndMay


Season dates are listed below. There are 11 games
in the season, plus finals. Finals are NOT included in
player fees and will be extra. Team Sheet costs for
finals are $80 per team, which will be divided up
amongst players on the team (NOT players in

Domestic South East

Round 1 – Monday 17th / Tuesday 18th May
Round 11 – Monday 26th / Tuesday 27th July
Finals – Monday 2nd August – Tuesday 9th August

Domestic Peninsula

Round 1 -Sunday 23rd May
Round 11 – Sunday 8th August
Finals – Sunday 15th August – Sunday 22nd August


Every player is eligible for trade. The trade deadline for this season is Friday 25th June at 10pm. Each trade goes to a committee to approve.


Players are covered only under public liability insurance. If you are after income protection in case of injury, please click here. Super-League takes no responsibility for injuries in games.

In the event of a player being injured during the season, we expect that players with a long period of injury consider the team & consider stepping down from their position. This will allow the league to source a replacement player. If you do have a season ending injury, you will be eligible for a partial refund.


Playing fees are $330 for the season. Here are some of the inclusions:
Playing fees for all regular season games
Playing uniform
Selected Games Live Streamed! (NEW INCLUSION)
Photos on game days
Full statistics
Live stats on our website

All sounds good?

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